Not Crafty? We'll see...

For most people who are thinking of trying something new, the age old excuse of "I'm just not crafty" always comes up and stops them from even starting.


There are very few people who are born artistically gifted - it is something that is honed and crafted over years and practice doesn't make perfect, practice just makes you better than you were before.


The people who "aren't crafty" are usually the ones that come up with the most seemingly obscure but ultimately beautiful pieces because they aren't pigeon holed into specifics, they just do whatever they feel like at the time and end up having the most fun - which is what art is supposed to be... fun.


Sure, there are the purist amongst us who will claim that you can only truly be an artist if you have slaved away at your art and starved for your cause. This is a ridiculous notion and one that can stop people from pursuing a pathway to self expression as it can lead to imposter syndrome.


So to those "not crafty" people, I say, throw caution to the wind, take that first step and have a blast!

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